Welcome to Gluckstadt. Once the home of German dairy farmers, Gluckstadt has become one of the most sought after areas in Madison County to live. If you are looking for a new home or a place to locate your business, Gluckstadt welcomes you to the community. Gluckstadt is located 17 miles north of Jackson,Mississippi, at Exit 112, on Interstate 55.

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Chancery ruling coming soon! Who is excited and looking forward to moving forward as a NEW CITY OF GLUCKSTADT? ... See MoreSee Less

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Here is another local posting regarding the status of the Gluckstadt Incorporation

The Incorporators are awaiting the court ruling, then a court decree. Prayers needed that there is NO appeal filed.

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Gluckstadt Update
( source: Northside Sun )

More than two years after the first petition was filed for the incorporation of Gluckstadt, the trial has ended, and a ruling is expected from the judge soon.

Gluckstadt attorney John Scanlon said the judge could issue a ruling within 30 days of the end of the trial, but that he has much to consider in making his final decision after 12 days of testimony and 221 trial exhibits.

“He said he’d give us a decision ‘by the end of March,’” Scanlon said. “I don’t expect it on March 30, but I also don’t think it will come in the next few days.”

According to Scanlon, all parties have turned in their post-trial briefings to the court. These “proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law” include hundreds of pages from all parties.

“That is based on 12 days of testimony over three weeks,” Scanlon said. “On top of that, there were 221 trial exhibits. The judge and his staff have a lot to consider in preparing the court’s ruling.”

The judge’s “final decree” is the much-anticipated next step.

Scanlon said this has certain technical requirements under the law.

“For example, it will contain a metes-and-bounds legal description which defines with certainty the boundaries of both cities, at least assuming the court does grant at least some territory to both Gluckstadt and Canton,” Scanlon said. “If there were to be any appeals, they would have to be commenced within 30 days of the entry of the final decree"
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Anxiously awaiting the Court Ruling for the Gluckstadt Incorporators! ... See MoreSee Less

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